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2021 Resolutions for You & Your Dog

2020 is finally over (woo hoo)! and so, you’ve set the standards high and made a plan for your New Year resolution. Health, wealth and happiness, of course?! But have you considered your furry friends in your 2021 plans as well? Here are a few tips that will help you AND your beloved pet enjoy all this new decade has to offer:

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Exercise is good for both you and your pet, so make a pledge to extend your daily walks and/or increase frequency in them. Remember, the majority of American pets are overweight to obese! This increases their chances of developing arthritis, diabetes, skin diseases, degenerative diseases and cancer to name a few. Monitor portion sizes and keep treats to no more than ten percent of total calorie intake per day incorporating fresh fruit and veggies versus high calorie, packaged treats. Also, if you are gone majority of the day for work or whatever it may be, consider investing in a professional dog walker. A daily walk, even just to get some fresh air, will help your dog get some extra exercise, as well as give them a mental break from being bored at home waiting for you. Walking is not only healthy for dogs physical makeup, but is vital for their mental health. You and your dog will feel better knowing they got to have a little fun time while you were gone.

Financially Plan for Preventative & ER care

We never like to think about accidental or negative things happening to our pets, but the reality is, most pet owners seek emergency care at least once with their animals. Whether it is trauma, illness, or sudden injury, these costs to the vet can quickly add up and even put some people in financial ultimatums. Since most people do not have health insurance for their pet, it is vital for pet owners to set aside some funds for those “rainy day” costs. This helps in preventing to have to make sudden important medical decisions based solely on costs. There are also SO MANY available pet insurance policies out there that can and will save your pet’s life and your pocketbook in any emergency visit.

Vow to Eat Healthy

 We may choose to eat fewer candy bars and pizzas, while substituting more salads, fruits and veggies, but our pets can benefit from similar types of changes too. Cheap foods may taste good, but in the long run will cost the same or even more in medical expenses due to poor health. Choosing to upgrade to a high-quality diet has many benefits on your pets mental and physical health now and in the long run. Aside from food, incorporating supplements like CBD oil and Fish oil, can help sustain your pets health and provide them with the proper nutrients to sustain a healthy life.


Most animal clinics and shelters can easily and inexpensively implant an identification chip in any pet. This can be especially helpful if OR when your pet gets out and is lost without their collar/ identification tags. Microchips greatly increase the chances of finding their way back to you. It works by acting as a means of permanent identification. The microchip company has your contact information on file, and when your pet is found and scanned by a vet or a shelter, they can find a way to reach you immediately. The best part of it is, microchips cost around $40 for each pet-very affordable considering the alternative outcome.

Regular Check-ups 

We humans can usually tell if something is a little “off” in our bodies. Animals are usually more subtle when they start to feel ill and cant always communicate how they are feeling. Regular vet check-ups can help detect a problem early on and thus increase their chances of successful treatments should something be detected. Staying up to date on vaccines will also sustain good health in your pet and keep them healthy around other animals.

Adopt Don’t Shop

If you’re thinking about adding a new furry face to your clan, consider adoption from a local shelter or rescue, or through an online service such as www.petfinder.com. If you are looking for a specific breed, there are rescue groups who cater to them and can easily be found and contacted. Shelters are always full with adoptable pets of all ages and personalities. By avoiding the pet store puppies, you also do your part to discourage “puppy mill” type breeders and support to end such cruelty and greed.

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