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7 Habits of Inspiring Dog Parents

Dip’n Dogs Owner Rachel, her husband and their two dogs, Lola & Leo

Yes, we are crazy dog parents to the fullest-in a good way! You know, the ones that are obsessed with their dogs and love to talk about dogs, and schedule their lives around their dogs, have careers catered to dogs, dream about dogs, you’re getting the gist, right? That’s us. Our dogs are a BIG part of our lives- they are our fur children, our source of joy, comfort, motivation and a huge inspiration for Rachel starting her two small dog companies. Rachel firmly believes her life would not be the same without her two beagles, Leo and Lola. “Ever since we brought them home, we wanted to be the very best pet parents possible, for the sake of ourselves as guardians, for our dogs and for all the dogs we will love and take care of during the course of our life. We strive to always be better and provide the best quality of care in every way possible for them.” So, here’s a quick read about what we believe being a great pet parent is all about. We will most likely forget some things because we are constantly learning something new every single day, but for now, here are our thoughts…

1. They are in-tune with their dogs

And I’m not talking about knowing what time they eat or how many times they pooped that day, these fur-parents really know their dogs. If the dog is anxious, tired, playful, bored or lonely, these parents pick up on it instantly. These people are in tune and really good at reading their dogs body language. This happens when one truly observes their dogs’ normal behavior very closely in the past and compares it to what’s happening in the present. When anything unusual occurs, it is alerting because they are always listening and observing in to what their dogs are doing, even when they were busy with other things. This habit comes with time if you are new to owning a dog, but I do believe this is an instinctual habit we are born with and even a motherly trait. 

2. They respect their dogs

With personal experience, judgement and even weird looks can come along with respecting your dogs(as sad as it is). Some people view dogs as is, but wonderful pet parents really do place a high value on the needs and wants of their dog. They schedule appointments during breaks in their dog’s normal routine, avoiding feeding times, walk times, and nap times when possible. They would sooner remove a tantrum-throwing child from the room than make the dog go to a room alone to avoid causing anxiety for the fur baby, after all, it is the child that was misbehaving. They will leave outings early because their dog wasn’t feeling well or is dealing with separation anxiety, and the list can go on. Bottom line, their dog is treated 100% equally with all the rights and respect of a family member with no exceptions or excuses. 

3. They foresee their dog’s needs

Not only do marvelous dog parents make sure their fur babies are well cared for, they make sure they are well and fully loved. The dog gets extra cuddle time and treats during a thunderstorm or when company comes around the house. Loving dog parents will leave a nightlight on in the hall because they know if they have to cater or comfort their dog in the middle of the night their path is lit.  They leave the TV on when the dog is home alone so he /she doesn’t feel so lonely or afraid. Simply put, if a situation or need arises, they will 100% commit to their dogs needs because they are a priority and a part of the family.

4. They are aware of their dog’s environment

Dog moms AND dads have been known to start up conversations with the neighbors, friends and family to find out who gets their lawns treated with pesticides, who may have non-dog friendly food hanging around, have non-friendly children, etc. Dog parents have also been known to plan out their walks during certain times of the day based on weather, temperature, busy streets, etc. On walks, they will scan for potentially harmful items like a chicken bones or remnants of food, a crazed tree squirrel out for revenge, or things that might startle the dog to make sure their walk is calm, productive and associated with positive experiences. 

5. They keep their dogs healthy and active

Caring dog parents will take the time to research what their dog should be eating and the quality of food choices out there. They will not be influenced by advertisements and follow the crowd when it comes to what people are feeding their dogs. They know that most pet foods available in stores simply aren’t healthy for dogs, in fact, many of them are the equivalent of doggie fast food- or worse. Good doggie parents will feed what is best for their dogs, whether it is high quality kibble, a raw diet, homemade food, fresh food or prescription food (if directed by their veterinarian). Dedicated dog parents will also keep their dogs on a regular exercise routine whether it is a game of fetch, walking, swimming or even running. They will also keep in mind their dogs mental health by practicing bonding, playing fun mind or nose games and keeping their dog as relaxed and happy as possible. 

6. They visit the Vet for check-ups

Not only do these dog parents make and keep regular vet appointments, they have the vet’s number on speed dial and are prepared for any medical emergency. They ask questions, lots of questions, because they care about what’s best for their dogs and how they can help them live longer, healthier, happier lives. They read the research on popular medical topics, they keep updated with the ever changing dog care world, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, dog flus, flea and tick prevention and prepare for the future of their dogs health as they age. They become self-taught experts in everything pertaining to caring for a dog because they know their dog depends on them to provide the very best care possible during their lifetime.

7. They support, love, value and trust in their dog 

Above all else, passionate dog parents know and believe that their dog and every dog has the power to change lives. They take their jobs as dog parents seriously because they know they are entrusted with the care and keeping of a furry earth angel with invisible wings, for a what seems like a few short years. They depend on their dog emotionally and give their hearts fully to them. They know dogs are a blessing and live each day to the fullest with them because a dogs life is TOO SHORT and they will never be the same without them. Dogs are their world and fill their life with happiness, laughter, compassion and unconditional love. You don’t have to be perfect to be a great dog parent, you just have to show up everyday and promise to love & protect them until they cross over that beautiful bridge in the sky. 

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