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Canine Hydrotherapy for Health

Benefits of Hydrotherapy Swimming by itself is beneficial for most dogs! It can improve their heart and circulatory health, as well as many other things. It is also a great aerobic exercise, providing very low impact to the joints and bones, causing no pain or damage overtime. And for a lot of dogs, it’s also…

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The Power of Prevention for Orthopedic Injuries in Dogs

Human and animal athletes have more in common than you might think, including a wide variety of orthopedic injuries and problems. In both human and veterinary medicine, we are learning more and more about preventing this kind of trouble. There are also several new and effective options for treating orthopedic injuries in pets. Pounds of…

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Health Risks of “Quarantine15” in Dogs

Have you heard about people experiencing the effect of staying home more and gaining weight called the Quarantine 15? Well, it is happening to our pets too and can lead to serious health consequences. While it may be too soon to know the full impact of social distancing or home quarantine on our waistlines, we…

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