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Cool Off with us at the Pool!

Even though summertime involves getting outside more and enjoying the weather, there are serious things to consider if and when you take your dog outdoors. The high temperatures, especially here in Central Florida, can be dangerous and sometimes deadly, and heat stroke, unfortunately, is a common occurrence during the warm months. It is vital to…

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Can All Dogs Swim? Why Swim Lessons are a Good Idea

Does your dog run with excitement to every body of water in sight? Maybe you can’t walk past a creek or pond without your pup diving in. Or maybe your dog treats water like the enemy and will do anything to stay dry. Every dog is different and not all are born with a love…

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K9 Hydrotherapy Explained

Canine Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy began as a treatment for humans in ancient times and expanded to include animals when racehorses began benefiting from seawater. Greyhounds dove in on the action to improve their strength and speed, as well as heal injuries from the rigors of racing. Hydrotherapy eventually became recognized and used as a therapeutic option…

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Why You Need to Withhold Feeding Your Dog Prior to Exercise!

Have you heard of bloat? If you’ve got a dog at home, this disease is something you should learn about. In humans, bloat, also known as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) complex, is pretty harmless. For dogs though, this disease can be extremely dangerous and life threatening. It is important to take the time to educate yourself…

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Does Your Dog Need Swim Lessons?

"The most common setting where dogs drown is in swimming pools." What a wonderful article posted by the NY TIMES. We are grateful pet owners everywhere are realizing the importance of swimming lessons. It is assumed by many that all dogs instinctively already know how to swim, but unfortunately this is not true. Many dogs…

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