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Total Hip Replacement in Dogs

Parker, our Golden Retriever client who has Hip Dysplasia Osteoarthritis from Canine Hip Dysplasia. What does this mean? Canine hip dysplasia is a developmental disorder in which the hip joint is abnormally shaped. Because of the altered biomechanics of the hip joint, osteoarthritis develops early, causing significant pain and disability. What does the total Hip Replacement surgery involve?…

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Why Hydrotherapy for Dogs?

Why Canine Hydrotherapy? If your dog suffers a traumatic injury, is diagnosed with a degenerative disease or their joints start to ache from aging-you want to help them.  Warm water healing is increasingly becoming the option of choice for many pet owners. Over the last several years, more veterinarians and pet owners have seen hydrotherapy’s benefits…

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Pre & Post-Op Hydrotherapy

Post-Op Therapy  Post-operative patients are the most obvious rehabilitation candidates. However, in our professional opinion, pre-op patients are considered to be just as important. Just like with humans, dogs need more than just rest to fully recover from orthopedic procedures/surgeries. Surgeons have actually discovered that four to six weeks of strict cage rest after surgery…

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