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Foods To Never Feed Your Dog

It can be quite difficult to say no to your precious pup, especially when they give you the puppy dog stare and silent begging body language. But, you may be doing your dog a huge favor and possibly saving their life. Many people are unaware of foods that are not safe or even toxic for…

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Common Dog Phobias & How to Help

Dogs and humans share common ground when it comes to anxiety, fears and phobias. All of these conditions can be miserable experiences and can make us all feel like there’s no way out. Twenty to forty percent of all dogs have some type of anxiety and fear disorder throughout their life, whether it be when…

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Signs & Symptoms of Joint Pain in Dogs

S If you’re a dog owner, then you know, there’s nothing as satisfying as the greeting from your perfect pooch after a long day’s work. However, if for some reason your dog doesn’t greet you like they used to, this may be alarming and a red flag. It may not be for the reason of…

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