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Is hydrotherapy only for older dogs or those with health issues?

No! Any dog, any age can benefit from warm water swim therapy. Visit our Services page to see how aqua therapy can help dogs of all ages and health and fitness levels. Read More

Can I swim with my dog?

Unfortunately, no. In canine aqua therapy, Florida law, the Health Department, and our liability insurance prohibits anyone other than staff from being in the pool. However, you can be poolside to watch your dog swim. We encourage you to be poolside, to cheer your dog on, and help maximize his or her pool experience.

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How long are your swim sessions?

Sessions are booked either by the hour or by the half hour, depending on how many dogs you have. Hour long sessions include a maximum of 50 minutes in the pool (two 25 min sessions) and half hour sessions include a maximum of 25 minutes in the pool. Pool time can be reduced depending on…

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What is the water temperature in your pool?

Typically we maintain a temperature range of 80-92 degrees. Read More

Do I need to bring towels?

No you don’t – not for drying your dog. We provide towels, and towel dry your dog after leaving the pool. At your discretion, you may want to put towels on your car seat, in case your dog is not completely dry when you leave.

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