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Health Benefits of Water Therapy for Dogs

Canine Health Benefits from Water Therapy

When coming up with ideas for writing a blog on the health benefits of water therapy for dogs , I am filled with so much passion and drive. The things I have witnessed in my time practicing hydrotherapy are nothing short of miracles. Water therapy is SO much deeper than what people may think. This type of therapy cannot be compared to a dog swimming in a backyard pool; it is so much more involved and on a completely different level. Most people seek out canine hydrotherapy to help their dog recover from surgery, delay a disease, improve mobility, increase balance/coordination, prevent injuries or even just to maintain their dog’s general overall fitness. While all of these reasons are completely valid and 100% supported by hydrotherapy, the benefits of water are even more than just that.

For centuries, the benefits of being and moving around in water to the physical body are well-known and extraordinary. The buoyancy of the water allows the physical body to be completely weightless, proving no stress or pressure on any joints and allows a complete free range of motion. On top of this aspect, water proves to be the safest environment for exercise or any type of physical therapy, hands down. It may be hard to believe, but a swim consisting of five minutes for a dog equals to about a five mile run on land. Land based activities over-time, put “wear and tear” on a physical body’s joints, limbs, bones and spine, leaving room for degenerative disease, ligament tears, arthritis and spinal cord injuries. For these reasons alone, it is hard to grasp why we aren’t having our dogs swimming at least a few times a week.

Complete System Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Muscular.When moving around in water, a dog’s body starts to relax therefore easing pain, stiffness, inflammation and spasms.

Circulatory. The warmth of the water associated with hydrotherapy raises a dog’s body temperature allowing blood vessels to dilate. When these vessels enlarge, a dog’s circulation increases, creating detoxification and oxygen to move along their cells carrying away waste and toxins. The weightlessness of the water also counters the effects of gravity which increases blood volume to the extremities.

Lymphatic. Soft tissue is compressed which increases lymph movement, drainage and decreases inflammation to improve the immune system.

Respiratory. Water expands the depth of respiration by putting pressure on the lungs, providing necessary oxygen to the body and getting rid of carbon dioxide.

Nervous. Water decreases stress and soothes the nervous system by stimulating sensation channels.

Integumentary. This system is composed of an animals skin and coat which is the largest part of the body. Water enlarges circulation which assists a dog’s skin and coat condition by also stimulating touch receptors.

Digestive/Urinary/Reproductive. Water increases blood flow through the kidney’s getting rid of toxins and removing waste. It also regulates electrolytes in the body providing nutrients to a dog’s cells and enhancing hormones needed throughout their bodies.

Skeletal. The skeletal system supports the body and protects all internal organs. Water decreases inflammation, increases circulation and enhances a dog’s range of motion by stretching and movement.

About Dip’ n Dogs Hydrotherapy – Orlando, FL

At Dip’n Dogs Hydrotherapy, we are certified and caring professionals devoted to restoring and enhancing the health and happiness of your beloved pup. Encompassing a state-of-the-art, indoor pool, as well as a certified hydrotherapist, this can provide effective and long lasting results for your pet’s injury or illness. We are conveniently located in Orlando FL near the College Park area. Contact us today at (407) 227-0030. Our Services include the following: Indoor Hydrotherapy and In-Home Mobile Therapy for dogs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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