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Why Hydrotherapy for Dogs?

Why Canine Hydrotherapy?

If your dog suffers a traumatic injury, is diagnosed with a degenerative disease or their joints start to ache from aging-you want to help them.  Warm water healing is increasingly becoming the option of choice for many pet owners. Over the last several years, more veterinarians and pet owners have seen hydrotherapy’s benefits firsthand. Hydrotherapy aids pets in recovering from their setback while also improving the quality of their life.

Warm water’s healing is not limited to dogs recovering from surgeries or dealing with arthritis-it’s also an excellent way to keep dogs fit, active and strong. Even young, healthy & canine athletes turn to hydrotherapy to maintain healthy muscle, mobility & endurance. It is always recommended to have your dog cleared by your trusted veterinarian first, to confirm they are healthy enough for swimming and can withstand aerobic exercise. 

Natural Healing

Educated consumers are looking for natural, organic, holistic products and services. A vet might prescribe medication for dogs with mild to moderate arthritis, but those drugs come with potential side effects – even the risk of death. Nothing is more natural than hydrotherapy, and its origins go back to the dawn of civilization. It’s safe and effective for dogs and their people…the only side effect is positive & fun!

Postponing Surgery

In some cases, regular sessions of hydrotherapy can eliminate the need for surgery. For example, dogs who have torn their cruciate ligaments – one of the most common canine injuries – may recover with hydrotherapy and medical management alone. A young dog who won’t use their leg while walking, will use it in the hydrotherapy pool. Your vet will advise you whether this is a possibility for your pet. Cruciate ligament repair surgery is expensive, and many people simply can’t afford it. Hydrotherapy becomes an alternative offering a pet relief & healing if surgery is not 100% necessary. 


While most people think of canine swimming exercise as rehabilitation post-surgery, it is also beneficial for dogs prior to their scheduled surgeries. If your dog is limited to or cannot exercise normally because of their injury or condition, swimming will keep them fit and promote an even healthier healing process for their bodies physically AND mentally. 

Proactive Therapy

It’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive, and a safe swimming exercise fits the bill. Regular sessions help your dog build muscle that eases joint pressure and sets a great outlook for them as they start to age. Dogs with flexibility, strong muscle tone and fluid mobility, are much less likely to develop severe arthritis. 

Weight Loss & Management

If your dog has put on a few pounds, dietary adjustments and regular exercise are the best ways to get them back to a healthy weight. Aquatic exercise is one of, if not, the best way to exercise an overweight or obese dog. It can be easy to overdo an exercise with an out-of-shape canine, so hydrotherapy takes that risk away with a certified professional. Hydrotherapists monitor your dogs heart rate, tongue color and overall recovery rate. The water creates a buoyancy that takes the weight off of a dog’s joints & ligaments and provides oxygen to their cells and all different systems of the body. 

Cardiovascular & Respiratory Fitness

Many people practice cardio fit workouts religiously for their overall cardiovascular health and general physique. Aquatic exercise offers a cardio fit workout for dogs, aiding in increased stamina, endurance and heart health. It is also beneficial for the respiratory system and lungs, as it builds lung capacity, trains the body to use more oxygen efficiently as well as overall strengthens the lungs. 

About Dip’ n Dogs Hydrotherapy – Orlando, FL

At Dip’n Dogs Hydrotherapy, we are certified and caring professionals devoted to restoring and enhancing the health and happiness of your beloved pup. Encompassing a pool, as well as a certified hydrotherapist, this can provide effective and long lasting results for your pet’s injury or illness. We are conveniently located in Winter Park, FL. Contact us today at (407) 227-0030. Our Services include the following: Outdoor Hydrotherapy and In-Home Mobile Therapy for dogs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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