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Canine Hydrotherapy - Orlando, Florida

Dip’n Dogs is located in Central Florida and was founded by Rachel Velarde. She is fully trained in Canine Hydrotherapy and completed her certification through the Canine Fitness Institute. Dip’n Dogs provides aqua therapy to dogs with disabilities, injury, surgery rehabilitation, weight management and degenerative diseases. We also provides fitness swimming for canine athletes and swimming lessons.

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About the Hydrotherapist

Rachel is fully trained in Canine Hydrotherapy and completed her certification through the Canine Fitness Institute. She has has over 100+ hours experience in the water.

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Canine Hydrotherapy Services in Orlando, FL

Proven to help build muscle tone, ease arthritis, increase cardiac fitness, loosen joints, relax muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce stress, pain, and anxiety.

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Canine Hydrotherapy Pricing

We have competitive aqua therapy pricing. All of our water therapy sessions are held at either our outdoor pool or at your home, in your pool for mobile hydrotherapy.

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Meet Our Sister Company

Walk’n Dogs-Dog Care Services provides services for Dog Walking, Dog Sitting, Dog Errand & Taxi service. They cater to the Winter Park, Baldwin Park, College Park, Maitland & Altamonte Springs, FL.

Hydrotherapy Services for Dogs in Orlando, Florida

Low impact exercise, like warm water swimming, is significantly proven to help your pet. From building muscle tone, loosening joints, relaxing muscles, increasing flexibility, and reducing stress, pain, and anxiety, swimming is the most recommended and valued exercise to extend the life of your pet.

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💦Weight Management
💦Swim Lessons
💦Surgery Rehab
💦Injury Healing
💦Hemp Oils
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