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Hydrotherapy for Dogs in Orlando Florida

Dip’n Dogs is located in Winter Park, FL and was founded by Rachel Velarde. She is fully experienced in Canine Hydrotherapy and completed her Hydrotherapy certification through the Canine Fitness Institute. Rachel still continues her research on canine hydrotherapy to always ensure top quality knowledge & service for her clients and their dogs.

Dip’n Dogs provides water therapy to all breeds of dogs who live with disabilities, obesity, injury, pre & post surgery rehabilitation, degenerative diseases, arthritis, aging dogs, as well as dogs who need overall wellness, fitness or increased mobility. Every session is customized to fit each dog and their needs & Rachel is fully committed to their health, healing & well-being.

Meet the Owner & Hydrotherapist – Rachel

Rachel began her canine health and canine hydrotherapy practice in May of 2017.  She has a passion for caring and healing all animals, especially dogs, which is why canine hydrotherapy is her primary focus. Rachel started her journey at an Orlando canine health and fitness center. She has over 500+ hours experience in the hydrotherapy pool and has helped over 200 dogs through swimming in the past 5+ years.

Rachel is also a proud dog mom to her two beagles, Leo and Lola.

Dip'n Dogs Owner

Meet our Intern & Swim Coach – Cate

Cate began her canine health practices in May of 2022. She also has a passion for all animals, especially dogs, which is why she started her training with Dip’n Dogs last Spring. Cate assists with swim lessons, fitness swims and some hydrotherapy swims.

Our Dip'n Dog Family - Healing Comes in Waves!