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"From the instant that I met Rachel, I felt comfortable with her and would have trusted her with any of my dogs. She came and worked with my senior, blind Shih Tzu this summer. My Millicent has arthritis, bad skin, allergies and had recently developed a heart murmur. Rachel made sure to go over Millie’s health history with me and was very aware of how Millie was doing the whole time she worked with her. It is great exercise for an old, lazy dog!" 

Kristi Klein February 18, 2019

My beagle, Badger, is overweight (like many beagles are) but I wasn’t too worried because we would go for long walk/runs to keep him healthy. BUT, his hips began to hurt and he wouldn’t walk for more than just a few minutes. I was worried he would become obese! I found Dip’n Dogs online and signed Badger up for hydrotherapy with Rachel. Not only is he almost back to normal with our walks but he has lost a bit of weight! The swims have definitely benefited him. Rachel is kind, patient and very flexible with scheduling appointments. Plus, her package deals help with the cost. I highly recommend her services. Both Badger and I are much happier than we were a month or so ago!”

Camille King July 12, 2018

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"Sophie doesn't love the pool but Rachel was so great with her that Sophie was giving her kisses by the end! I'm so excited about Sophie continuing her hydrotherapy!" 

Katlyn Billue February 18, 2019

"Rachel is wonderful with our fur baby Bella. We were told by Bella’s vet that she needed to lose some weight and we are already seeing results! Bella may not be the easiest client (very much a diva) but Rachel is so patient and gentle with her. Bella is a mix of husky and German Shepherd so we want to keep her fit to prevent conditions that are common with those breeds."

Kaela Rebecca April 30, 2018

"My Lab mix Tucker, is a new client of Dip'n Dogs. After just a few assisted swims with Rachel, we have seen great results with his weight loss and overall behavior. Rachel is fun and motivating when in the water and Tucker really loves his weekly swim session!"

Patrick Haggerty March 22, 2018

"Our little Yorkie Jack has arthritis and our vet recommended trying hydrotherapy. Jack is a yipper but remains calm with Rachel! After his sessions, we do see Jack go up the two steps he usually avoids, with less hesitation and his walking seems easier! Thank you Rachel!"

Joni Browder April 30, 2018

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"We are absolutely thrilled and happy to have Rachel swim with our dog Griffin. The exercise really has helped calm Griffin and his weight is right where it should be. Our vet was very happy with Griffins weight at his last check up this past week. They were happy that he had not gained any as many dogs do after being neutered. Griffin really loves his time with Rachel! she is a true dog lover." 

Sara Palmer February 18, 2019

"Rachel's calm, confident approach had our dog very comfortable."

Tracy Robinson September 10, 2018

"Rachel seems to see and love my Hannah's Spirit. Hannah recently said goodbye, for now, to Hazel, her litter mate and twin. Needing some fun new experiences and with a recent arthritis diagnosis, Dip'n Dogs was a nice adventure. Hannah enjoys the pool. Seems a natural swimmer. And Rachel has a good positive energy!"

Gwen Hartmann October 4, 2018

"Rachel has been awesome and I would most definitely recommend her!! My 12 year old beagle recently had knee surgery and she reached out to me through social media to let me know about her services. When it came time for him to start hydrotherapy as part of his recovery I contacted Rachel and set up an appointment. She was very responsive to messages and easy to get a hold of to set up our first appointment. After our first session my beagle started walking better and showing improvement in his healing process. I decided to buy a 4 session pack from her and taking him to see her weekly. Since we have started, his mobility has improved after each session and he gets around better than ever."

Caitlyn Canada July 17, 2018

"Rachel became certified in canine hydrotherapy through the certification program we offer through The Canine Fitness Institute. Since then, she has been working with dogs daily and I've seen her skills and competence grow by leaps and bounds. She opened her own business in 2018 - Dip N Dogs Canine Hydrotherapy and is doing a great job helping a wide variety of dogs regain strength after surgery, lose weight, become more mobile even though they have arthritis, and more. To further her knowledge, she continues to study and research a variety of orthopedic conditions that routinely affect dogs. She is very personable and her clients love her and the care she gives their dogs. If your dog can benefit from the incredible healing effects of hydrotherapy, I recommend you give Rachel a call."

Sherri Cappabianca July 17, 2018

"Hope is getting her second session of water therapy to help with her arthritis in her spine and legs and build her leg muscles back up! Maria and I love her trainer Rachel!"

Andrea Ruiz-Hays July 17, 2018

Rachel is extremely kind, gentle and motivational towards animals. She provides quality individual attention.
What a great way to help your animal!

Chase Milner March 20, 2018

"Rachel is a pro when it comes to helping our dog Ellie feel comfortable during her swimming session. She has a kind nature towards animals and is really good at what she does. I'm glad we found out about her business. I highly recommend her services for your pet's well being."

Andy Schifaro September 10, 2018

"Rachel is amazing! The changes in Blu’s overall physical health have been worth every effort. I recommend hydrotherapy for any dog’s overall fitness health."

Jennifer Corso Leonard April 29, 2018

"Our 11 year-old Yorkie just started hydrotherapy for his arthritis. Since starting, he’s a little more agile, and goes upstairs with more ease! Thanks Rachel for all you do and your extra TLC with our little Jack!"

Caitlin Browder May 5, 2018

"Rachel was wonderful with my Dusty who had an FHO done on his right hip but his left hip is not so good either. As of right now his right has healed wonderfully and his left hip is holding strong! I believe it is because of hydrotherapy with Rachel. Dusty had his surgery in March and I can’t go fast enough for him on his walks! I might need some hydrotherapy myself!"  

Terrie Sandefur October 3, 2018

"Jack was always extremely active throughout his life. Now at 17 plus years, he isn’t able to walk as well as we would like, due to arthritis and atrophy from age a medications he has taken. The hydrotherapy treatments with Rachel have made such a difference. They have helped him maintain his mobility and gain additional strength. Jack swims twice a week with Rachel. He swims very hard and I think he enjoys the mobility in the water that he no longer has on land. I wish we had known about hydrotherapy and Rachel earlier. I don’t think it is ever to early to start your dog swimming. I know would be in even better shape now than he is, if we had started him sooner. I highly recommend Rachel to work with your pet. She always has Jack’s best interest in mind and we certainly appreciate that."

Carrie Miller September 10, 2018

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"Guinness and I are so happy that we met Rachel. She is super nice, gentle, patient and knows how to make Guinness comfortable in the pool, because he gets soo nervous. She is helping Guiness get back on his  leg after a luxating patella injury. Right now he is doing great and starting to put his leg down when walking. I would definitely recommend Rachel- best hydrotherapy 🙂 and she does a great job in the pool. Thank you Rachel!" 

Noelia Cocco February 18, 2019

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"Rachel is a caring and experienced dog guardian and is one of my dog, Maisie’s, favorite people. I highly recommend Dip'n Dogs!"

Marcia Caton February 18, 2019