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Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Canine Hydrotherapy in Central Florida

Dip’n Dogs offers Hydrotherapy to dogs in Orlando who need warm water therapy. Hydrotherapy is beneficial for dogs who need therapeutic care due to surgery, injury, illness, arthritis, obesity, degenerative disease, lack of mobility, aging, inflammation, chronic pain or most orthopedic conditions. Hydrotherapy swimming is also recommended for overall physical and mental wellness.

Low impact exercise, like water swimming, is significantly proven to help your pet. From building muscle tone, loosening joints, relaxing muscles, increasing flexibility and reducing stress, pain, & anxiety, swimming is the most recommended and valued exercise to extend the life of your pet.

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During your dog’s swim session, Rachel is in the pool assisting, guiding & monitoring vitals. Our clients are encouraged to be present in the session to observe and cheer their pup on. Sessions are catered to each individual dog, helping provide them with their maximum benefits.

Life jackets are required for these swims (we have some available to borrow or purchase). Hydrotherapy swims are booked for 30 minute sessions. Guests are not permitted in the pool.

Complete System Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Muscular.When moving around in water, a dog’s body starts to relax therefore easing pain, stiffness, inflammation and spasms.

Circulatory. The warmth of the water associated with hydrotherapy raises a dog’s body temperature allowing blood vessels to dilate. When these vessels enlarge, a dog’s circulation increases, creating detoxification and oxygen to move along their cells carrying away waste and toxins. The weightlessness of the water also counters the effects of gravity which increases blood volume to the extremities.

Lymphatic. Soft tissue is compressed which increases lymph movement, drainage and decreases inflammation to improve the immune system.

Respiratory. Water expands the depth of respiration by putting pressure on the lungs, providing necessary oxygen to the body and getting rid of carbon dioxide.

Nervous. Water decreases stress and soothes the nervous system by stimulating sensation channels.

Integumentary. This system is composed of an animals skin and coat which is the largest part of the body. Water enlarges circulation which assists a dog’s skin and coat condition by also stimulating touch receptors.

Digestive/Urinary/Reproductive. Water increases blood flow through the kidney’s getting rid of toxins and removing waste. It also regulates electrolytes in the body providing nutrients to a dog’s cells and enhancing hormones needed throughout their bodies.

Skeletal. The skeletal system supports the body and protects all internal organs. Water decreases inflammation, increases circulation and enhances a dog’s range of motion by stretching and movement.

Do not try Hydrotherapy without a Certified Professional

It is important to know that there is a significant difference between bringing your pup to a certified professional versus having your dog swim in your home pool and calling it therapy. Without proper supervision in the water, dogs recovering from surgery may not have the muscle strength needed to swim correctly and effectively; the appropriate water temperature is also vital for their health and recovery. Bacteria and chemicals from a pool can cause infection in a recent incision and may harm their skin health. Lastly, if your dog is not properly stabilized and guided in the water they may be putting pressure on the wrong area needed for recovery and create the risk of doing more harm than good. Bottom line, hydrotherapy works for dogs. It is not a fad and many dog owners have reasons to be grateful for it. It is a real holistic treatment that creates real lasting results.

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